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Is it possible to sell in multiple countries with vidaXL?
Is it possible to sell in multiple countries with vidaXL?

vidaXL supports a lot of countries within and outside of Europe. Therefore it can be interesting to expand to other countries.

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vidaXL its limitations

However, when you create a dropshipping account at the website of vidaXL, you need to choose in which country you would like to sell. Based on this choice, you can only sell in that particular country.

Plugin limitations

Aside from that, the vidaXL WooCommerce plugin also doesn’t support multiple languages and/or countries.


The only way to sell in multiple countries is setting up multiple stores, purchase a seperate Woosa plugin license and create a second vidaXL Dropshipping account. This will also mean, you will have double costs.

However, if you make money it will be worth all the hassle.

vidaXL Roadmap

Still have the wish to make this available within 1 WooCommerce store? You can easily submit a Feature Request to our vidaXL wishlist. Once the request receives 10 votes or more, we’ll discuss the possibilities with vidaXL.

Can’t figure it out? You can always send a message to the support team via the chat bubble at the bottom right 🎈 Support to the rescue 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

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