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Preserve Stock Offset
Preserve Stock Offset

To prevent selling products in your webshop that are already out of stock at vidaXL, you can use the Preserve Stock Offset setting.

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To prevent selling products in your webshop that are already out of stock at vidaXL, you can use the Preserve Stock Offset setting. Simply go to WordPress dashboard > vidaXL tab > Synchronization > General Settings and fill in a number in the input field. Not sure how to use this setting? Let’s explain more in debt why we have introduced this setting.

As you might have noticed, vidaXL has a lot of webshops that are using their dropshipping solution. This means you will have a lot of competition worldwide, in the same product catalogue. This also means that a product can have a stock of 8 now, but can be out of stock within a few minutes. That situation will mainly occur with popular products.

Besides, vidaXL only updates their stock once every 30 minutes, which causes a slight delay in the stock level in your webshop. To prevent you from selling products that are already out of stock, we have introduced the Preserve Stock Offset setting. What it does it do? Let’s describe it with an example:

  • Let’s say you are selling a dining table with the SKU number 321669. This is a very popular dining table. It is 13:31 and at this moment the stock level at vidaXL is 8. VidaXL will only update its stock around 14:00 again.

  • However, in that short period, 10 other webshops sold the product with SKU number 321669. This means the actual stock level is -2 instead of 8. Already 2 webshops need to disappoint their customers.

  • Nevertheless, your webshop will still say a stock level of 8 and therefore customers still think they can purchase the product. Let’s say, a customer has purchased the product.

  • Only when sending the order to vidaXL, you will find out that vidaXL can no longer deliver this product because it is out of stock. You need to contact your customer to disappoint them and will lose revenue.

We could have prevented this situation by configuring the Preserve Stock Offset with value 10 for example. This means, when a product reaches stock level 10 or lower in your webshop the product will be set out of stock.

We are doing our very best to update the stock levels as soon as possible, but need to deal with the number of webshops using vidaXL and the delays of vidaXL itself. Therefore we have introduced the Preserver Stock Offset setting so that we can prevent disappointment and losing revenue as much as possible.

Can’t figure it out? You can always send a message to the support team via the chat bubble at the bottom right 🎈 Support to the rescue 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

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