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How do I authorize the plugin with my BigBuy account?
How do I authorize the plugin with my BigBuy account?

To start with the BigBuy plugin, it's important to authorize it first with your BigBuy account. This can be done by using an API key.

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Before you can get started with synchronizing BigBuy products and orders, you need to authorize the plugin first with your BigBuy account, using your API key.

(Please also follow this article to activate the plugin with your Woosa license key)

This is quick & easy, so follow these steps:

First, you need the API Key from your BigBuy account

  1. Go to and login into your account by clicking on Log in

  2. The page refreshes, click on My account and then Control panel

  3. In the My account dashboard, click on the tab Synchronize with BigBuy

  4. Copy the API Key Production (sandbox doesn't work with our plugin)

Now that we retrieved the API Key from your BigBuy account, let's move on to authorizing the BigBuy plugin.

Authorize the BigBuy plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress backend

  2. On the top left corner, click on BigBuy

  3. Click on the Authorization tab

  4. If this is your first time authorizing your BigBuy account, we first need to register the plugin in your shop. You can achieve this by simply clicking on the button Click to register

  5. After that, your screen will automatically refresh and we now have the following field available API key, paste the API key you copied from your BigBuy account

  6. Then lastly, click on Click to authorize

The plugin is now successfully authorized! Please read our article on how to synchronize products.

Can’t figure it out? You can always send a message to the support team via the chat bubble at the bottom right 🎈 Support to the rescue πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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